The Calder Catchment Partnership brings local people and organisations together to work towards a healthier and more resilient water environment.

The partnership’s aims are to:

  • Work alongside the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, local authorities, local businesses, charities, community groups, and individuals to improve:
    • water stewardship;
    • water quality;
    • and biodiversity, across the catchment.
  • Connect communities with the river environment to cultivate shared ownership and responsibility.
  • Support education of, and engagement with, our rivers.

Catchment Partnerships are part of the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) introduced by DEFRA to encourage communities to work together to identify, understand, and tackle the pressures impacting the water environment.

Approaching flood risk and environmental issues from a whole catchment perspective leads to better outcomes for every pound spent, both for people and the environment. By coordinating our work, sharing information and expertise, and making collective decisions puts us in a better position to make positive changes for the rivers in the Calder, Colne, and Holme catchments.

The Calder Catchment Partnership has produced a Calder Catchment Management Plan 2021-2027 to define our priorities and guide our efforts.

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