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We are now launching the new Calder Rivers Trust Farm Advice Service. We believe that healthy soils underpin a prosperous and resilient catchment, and that by supporting farmers and land managers to improve their soil health, water quality, carbon capture, and biodiversity, we can support both the environment and local farm businesses.

Our Farm Advice is FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and FARMER-LED. That means that we will not charge for a farm visit, and we will not share the report about your farm, or any information from it, with anyone but you. It also means that reports will be based on what you want to do with your land. Our aim is to provide a good summary of the options which may be available to you, so that you can make an informed decision about making changes to your farm, land, or business. There is no obligation to make any changes as a result of your survey, or to use a particular funder to support any changes you do make.

We offer a full farm survey, or we can look at a specific area if you have a particular project or opportunity in mind. We base our surveys on the Rivers Trust Pinpoint system, which focuses on working with farmers and land managers to reduce diffuse pollution from agriculture, but often measures which reduce diffuse pollution have additional benefits for environment and businesses, such as creating habitat or reducing water costs.

We also want to be led by farmers and land managers in developing the Farm Advice Service. If you have an idea for something to add in to the service which might be useful to you, please let us know. Any feedback, suggestions or questions can be addressed to Jane Rowling, Farm and Rural Liaison Officer. Email: or phone 07943 470 261.

Dr Jane Rowling - Farm and Rural Liaison Officer

Jane Rowling

Jane is a famer’s daughter from near Otley, in Wharfedale. Having completed her PhD in the history of the twentieth-century farming community in Wharfedale at the University of Leicester in 2017, she worked as administrator to both water@leeds and iCASP at the University of Leeds. As Postdoctoral Research Associate at Hull from 2018 to January 2021, working on the ‘Past Flooding Matters’ project, she examined the histories of water level management from 1750 to the present day, based on archival sources and interviews with farmers, water industry practitioners and other stakeholders.

As Farm and Rural Liaison Officer, Jane is available to help farmers and rural communities to access funding, primarily for actions which will improve carbon capture and water quality. She is also interested works to improve biodiversity, natural flood management and increased farm productivity while working towards carbon negative agriculture. Please contact Jane, using the details below, for free and confidential advice or to discuss your ideas for enhancing rural space in Calderdale and Kirklees.


BASIS Soil and Water Management Certificate: SW/1378



Phone: 07943 470 261

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